How to view or read blocked web pages from your computer

If you are facing some kind of ban on the web page you are trying to open, here are some tricks which you can use to view or download the web page.

1. Use HTML to PDF Service

Use any of the web page to PDF converter service to download re banned web page to your computer and read it locally. Below sites can help you doing so :

2. Open the website using IP address

If the website is running on a static IP you might be able to open it by typing the IP address. To get the ip address use ping command to to ping the website something like


3. Try opening the website using HTTPS

If the website you are trying to open is some kind of financial service you can try opening it using prefix https in place of http

4. Assign an different name to the website using hosts file.

Sometimes this trick also works by assigning a different name to the target website. For  example we will be using in place of Hosts file entry will point to the ip of . You can check this article to how to edit hosts file.

5. Use ultrasurf software to browse sites with proxy server

If none of above works you can download ultrasurf a hassle free automatic proxy and anonymity software to surf any of the websites. Best thing about this software is that it automatically maintains list of proxy servers and and does all the configuration itself.


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