Best online translation services

What do you do when you need a quick translation into another language? Do you use a dictionary? You can now use a handy browser extension if you often need to translate words. But you can also translate to or from another language with any online service. These free online translators are perfect when you urgently need to translate words, phrases or sentences. And some offer additional features that make them even more useful.
Check out the list of the best online translation services that can be used in real life to save your time and money both.

Google Translate

One of the most popular translation services is available from Google. Google Translate supports over 100 languages ​​and offers some additional features like listening, sharing, or copying translated text. You can also suggest editing if you think the translation is incorrect.
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2. Bing Translator

Another big name among online translation services is Bing. You can select the input language or recognize it automatically as you type. If you have your microphone activated, you can speak the text you want to translate, which is very convenient. Once you have received the translation, you have the options to hear it with male or female voices, share it or search with it. Bing Translator supports over 60 languages.
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3. supports over 100 languages. You can use your voice or keyboard to enter the text, then you can read or hear the translation. If you think the translation needs to be corrected, you can seek help from someone. However, you will need to have an account created.

5. DeepL Translator

DeepL Translator has automatic options for completing sentences. You can choose from seven languages ​​and when you receive a translation, simply double-click on a word for more details.
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6. Babylon Online Translator

Babylon offers translation software that you can download, but many prefer its online option. Supported in over 30 languages, Babylon Online Translator is not as feature-rich as the other suggestions in this list, but the translation is extremely accurate.
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7. PROMT Online Translator

PROMT Online Translator does not offer extensive language support, the list is limited to 16 languages ​​for now. But there are nice features - automatic language recognition and you can even choose an article to translate. You can then copy, paste, spell check, or access the dictionary. There is also a virtual keyboard that is very handy if you are using a tablet, for example. PROMT also offers translation software that you can buy and download.
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8. Yandex Online Translator

Yandex.Translate is a web service provided by Yandex, intended for the translation of text or web pages into another language. The service uses a self-learning statistical machine translation, developed by Yandex. Currently Yandex supports 99 Langauges.
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9. English to Tagalog Translator

This free online service allows you to translate English to Tagalog and vice versa. You can eaisly convery Tagalog/ Flipino text/ sentences to english in an easy manner.

Ping command and It’s uses

The PING command is perhaps the most used network command-line utility. PING is present in all versions of all operating systems with network support and is a simple and convenient means of polling a host by name or IP address.

To exchange service and diagnostic information on the network, a special ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) protocol is used. The ping command allows you to send a control message of type Echo Request (type is 8 and is indicated in the header of the ICMP message) to the addressed node and interpret the response received from it in a form convenient for analysis. The data field of the sent icmp packet usually contains the characters of the English alphabet. In response to such a request, the interrogated node must send an icmp packet with the same data that was received and the Echo Reply message type (the type code in the ICMP header is 0). If there is any problem while exchanging icmp messages, the ping utility will display information for its diagnosis.

Command line format:

ping [-t] [-a] [-n number] [-l size] [-f] [-i TTL] [-v TOS] [-r number] [-s number] [[- jNode list] | [-k list of Nodes]] [-w timeout] finalName


-t- Continuous packet sending. To complete and display statistics, use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Break (display statistics and continued), and Ctrl + C (display statistics and completion).
-a - Determine addresses by hostnames.
-n number - The number of echo requests to send.
-l size - The size of the data field in bytes of the sent request.
-f - Set the flag prohibiting packet fragmentation.
-i TTL - Set the lifetime of the package (field "Time To Live").
-v TOS - Set the type of service (field "Type Of Service").
-r number - Record the route for the specified number of hops.
-s number - The time stamp for the specified number of transitions.
-j list of Nodes - Free route selection from the list of nodes.
-k Node list - Hard route selection from the list of nodes.
-w timeout - The maximum timeout for each response in milliseconds.

Examples of use:

ping - an echo request to a node named with default parameters - the number of packets is 4, the length of the data array = 32 bytes.

ping -6 - ping of the node using the Ipv6 protocol

ping -a - ping with the determination of the name of the horse node at its address.

ping -s computer - ping of the computer node from the source Used when there are several network interfaces on the computer.

ping w 5000 - ping with a wait timeout of 5 seconds (default - 4 seconds).

ping -n 5000 -l 1000 - polling of the node 5000 times, in packets with data of 1000 bytes in length. The permissible maximum data length is 65500.

ping -n 1 -l 3000 -f - ping with the prohibition of packet fragmentation.

ping -n 1-r 3 - send 1 echo request to the node with the display of the first 3 transitions along the route.

ping -i 5 - ping indicating the lifetime TTL = 5. If more destinations are required to reach the end node, the router that interrupted the delivery will reply with the message “Exceeded the lifetime (TTL) during packet transmission.”

Using Ping Online

If you are looking an online version of ping command you can visit Ping Test. allows you to ping any ip or hosting name online and displaysping result in statndard format.