Adobe discontinues Flash Player for Android mobile devices

As announced by the Company on 29th June, Adobe closes on Wednesday (15) the availability of Flash Player for mobile devices running on Android OS. The new program installations will be blocked and only devices that already had the app will be able to get new updates and security fixes.


"We will use the settings in the configuration store Play Google to limit access to continuous updates of Flash Player only those devices that already have the program installed," the company said in a statement.

Adobe had already informed its intention to withdraw the Flash for mobile browsers in November of last year, when he said he would give more attention to the development of Adobe Air as the FlashPlayer for mobile developers never liked the company. A company representative had stated at the time, including that Flash "could never achieve the same ubiquity on mobile devices that reached the desktop." Currently, the programming language that is gaining space between smartphones and tablets is HTML5.

The company also revealed that there is no testing and developing Flash for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and no certification will be offered for the platform. Thus, the history of smartphones with Flash ends in version 4.0 of the Google system. The only mobile platform that still must rely on a version of the program is Windows 8, which will be used in tablets. Adobe says its focus will remain on developing Flash for PCs.


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