A versatile clipboard manager for Windows - ShapeShifter

Windows clipboard, which is one of the most important features of the operating system but is quite limited, you are allowed to  only store one item.

Fortunately, there are clipboard managers as ShapeShifter, which extends this limit of an item and allow us to store virtually unlimited content . The good thing is that ShapeShifter use is as simple as using the regular Windows clipboard, ie using Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste. The difference is that when using this option, the paste, you will see a drop down where you can choose the item you want to use.


ShapeShifter has been developed using . NET, so you will need libraries of .NET Framework 4.5 to make it work. If you don’t have it installed ShapeShifter will automatically install for you.

Download ShapeShifter – Best clipboard manager for Windows


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