Options & Settings in Skype for Windows 8 - Where to find ?

It was really horrible to see that no options menu is available on Skype for Windows 8. Though Skype for Windows is pretty easy to use and multi screen interface is enjoyable. Finally I had to Google to find out missing options and settings menu in Skype.

Steps to locate Options & Settings menu in Skype ?

Finding options and settings is like finding an Easter egg. Follow  below steps  to locate it:

  • Start Skype and go to the main screen.
  • Take your mouse pointer to extreme top right section of the screen
  • This will display a vertical bar at the right side of screen now click settings icon here
  • Now click on options menu item.
  • This will finally take you to Options and settings screen. From here you will be able to manage Audio, Video, Call and privacy related settings.

Above steps can  also be checked in below screens :





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