Google Panda - Small Sites 21st August 2013 Hits Microsoft & Other Giants Too

Although there is no official word about this update but several websites and forums are buzzing with traffic drop issues. I was also not sure what is happening to my web applications as there was a significant drop in the traffic ( almost 90 %).  Finally I came to which confirmed that there was some update released on Aug 21, 2013.

An analysis done by has also confirmed that my site was hit.  


Probably big Giants like Microsoft, engadget, extremetech seems to have also been impacted by this Google update.  All websites show a keyword drop on 3rd September which can’t be just a coincidence. keyword analysis says that :

  • lost 650,000 keywords on 3rd Sept, 2013
  • extremetech lost 22,350 keywords on 3rd Sept, 2013
  • engadget lost 152,729 keywords on 3rd Sept, 2013

I might be wrong but some has definitely happened.  If you are aware of this please comment.






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