Microsoft Is Working On SIRI Rival - CORTANA

According to rumors, Microsoft is working on a virtual assistant, analogous to Apple Siri and Google Now. We know that a large proportion of the success of the former and the new iPhone provides the popular voice assistant Siri. A similar program has appeared in the list of applications in upcoming version of the Windows Phone, screenshots of which were leaked on the INternet and have been published at The Verge. If the information is correct, this application is called Cortana.


ZDNet citing some sources reported that the upcoming virtual assistant is based on the knowledge base Bing Satori. Cortana is capable of accepting commands, given by ordinary human voice. Previously, Steve Ballmer hinted at something like that, saying about a "service shell", which will be personalized by the user and is based on the “extended, almost magical intelligence in our cloud service, which is trained and eventually knows about people and the world more and more."

Interface shown in the screenshots is hardly bright, diverse and attractive. It contains sections for notifications, rules, signaling and synchronization. In addition, there is an option deactivate virtual assistant Cortana. Compared with Siri and Google Now settings are not too many. But since the system is still under development and at the moment when it may be that it has become much more beautiful and more productive than the "semi-finished", which is shown in the screenshots.

Smartphone - one of today's most popular varieties of the computer , and Microsoft is committed to struggling to increase the popularity of its mobile operating system. However, talking about Cortana, as a real project early. While that is just a rumor, which may be based on rational, and can not be.


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