Clear DNS Cache On Windows 7 - How To ?

First, a little about why do you need to reset the cache DNS?

During call to DNS servers, the system saves the results on your local drive hard drive. This is done so that on consecutive calls information can be found locally, rather  finding it each time form DNS servers. This process is called caching, and storage of cached data cache, respectively.

DNS cache entry stores a matching domain names to their IP addresses. Clearing DNS cache forces a system to re-query domain information from the DNS servers.

Now  how to clear the DNS cache ?

Run the Windows command prompt cmd.exe . To do this, go to the Start menu >> All Programs >>  Accessories  >> Command Prompt . 

If UAC is enabled, then run the command prompt as an administrator .  To do this right click on the item Command Prompt  and select Run as administrator .


In the command window type the command ipconfig /flushdns  and press the ENTER key . This should clear the DNS cache from your system.


To see a list of all cached DNS records you can use command ipconfig /displaydns


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