Class 4 Vs Class 6 Vs 10 in Memory Cards - What do they mean?

Have you ever thought about what is the purpose of class 2, 4, 6, or 10 in memory cards? The letter C next to the numbers - it is Class. This designation is used to describe the speed rating of the memory card,  standardized by the Secure Digital Association (SDA). Class describes the lowest possible write speed to the memory card in megabytes per second. For example, the memory card SDHC Class 10 maintains a minimum write speed of 10 MB / s when used with SDHC-enabled device. The higher the class card, the faster it responds to user actions.

SDHC Class 4 Vs Class 6 Vs 10


Choose depending on the tasks

Today, the majority of digital high-tech devices such as digital cameras and digital camcorders, as well as HDTV, GPS-navigators, digital photo frame, equipped with a slot SDHC. SDHC memory cards are divided into different classes specifically to each user can choose exactly what he needs.

Class 10 - for digital SLR cameras a hi-end

If you are a professional photographer, you need first of all high performance, and hence card SDHC Class 10 - what you need. These cards are ideal for use with advanced digital SLR cameras that store images in a "heavy" file format RAW. Class 10 cards deliver unprecedented data rates, which not only eliminates the latency when recording video in Full HD, but also allows the use of high-speed consecutive shooting, which is useful when shooting sports and fast-moving objects.

Class 6 - for a mid-level digital cameras

If you are a photography enthusiast and you have a digital SLR camera is an entry-level or advanced compact, then we recommend you memory card SDHC Class 6. They provide excellent speed for a reasonable price. These memory cards allow mid-level interest in photography while paying less money.

Class 4/Class 2 - for compact cameras and electronics

For beginners and amateur photographers, whose cameras feature high-speed consecutive shooting is not necessary in the first place, we recommend memory card SDHC Class 4. These cards are cheaper than the card Class 6 and Class 10, but also boast a high level of quality. If you are looking for a memory card for everyday shooting, the Class 4 is a balanced choice.
Memory Card Class 2 SDHC are not as fast, but it is the cheapest. Thanks to the high capacity and performance is quite acceptable, Class 2 cards are a cost-effective solution for expanding the memory capacity electronics, such as digital photo frames, televisions, printers and HD-media players as well as laptops.
Minimum Speed
If you are using Memory cards for alternate or temporary storage same logic applies here as well. On Windows 7 and above versions these can be used to achieve high performance using readyboost.


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