Google offers free QuickOffice on iOS and Android

Google trumps Microsoft offering its free office suite on iOS and Android for customers of Google Apps for Business.  While the mobile version of Microsoft Office is not forthcoming, Google decided to fill a void. It offers users of smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS using this free office suite. The only condition, size, is that this offer is only available to customers of Google Apps for Business.


Google has acquired this application in June 2012. Initially, it appeared as a mobile solution for users of the Microsoft Office suite. Quick Office makes it possible to edit on mobile devices files created with Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

In making this offer, Google frontal attack the father of Windows. Rumors evoked the launch of a mobile version of Office for March 2013. In 2012, tests were even mentioned. The Redmond company has quickly denied the rumors. This decision was strongly criticized by financial analysts believe that Microsoft missed an estimated $ 2.5 billion per year income. One of these observers believed there is little that this strategy is a costly mistake.


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