60,000 Apps Have Been Removed From Google Marketplace

In a single month more than 60,000 apps have been removed from the Google Marketplace Google Play, reports TechCrunch . Thus, the clean-up in February reached a new high. According to the report, these were mainly to Apps that are not compliant with Google guidelines. A small portion, however, was withdrawn by the manufacturers themselves Apps. Google will from time to time such cleanups, because in contrast to the App Store from Apple to Google, there are no approval process for the preparation of apps. The current mega action was obviously in the preparation of the new version of Google Play.


Google Play presented 4.0
The long been discussed in the rumor mill version 4.0 of Google Play was released recently. The roll-out will take place gradually, so not all Google users can see the improved music service and experience. Most important improvement is that the new store is less text-heavy and for more graphics are used. Even the check-out process to take place much faster than before. "Prepare yourself for a simpler Google Play before," according to a Google blog .


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