Upgrade China Tablet Apad m300 to Android 2.1 - How to ?

By chance I stumbled into a forum post where someone was looking for an upgrade to his m300 tablet to newer version of Android and suddenly I remembered that my m300 also requires an update as it is running on a very old version of Android 1.6 eh.. So I Googled here and there and finally able to find some working firmware updates for Apad m300. Probably the manufacturer has stopped supporting this device, you won’t be able to find working download links. Few which I was able to locate is available at 4shared.com. Do a search for “M003_2.1_128” and download the file. File which I downloaded was M003_2.1_128.rar.

Upgrading firmware is pretty easy, just follow below steps :

  • Step1 – Make one SDCard ready which should be FAT32 formatted.
  • Step2 – Extract the downloaded archive (.zip or .rar) to your PC . You will find one script folder inside it.
  • Step4 – Copy the extracted script folder at the root of the SDCard.
  • Step5 – Insert the SDCard into your Apad m300 device and power it on.

You will notice that Android upgrade has started. A similar screen to below snap will be shown to your device. Just wait for few minutes and let installer complete its job. After it is done you will be asked to take of SDCard out, just remove it and power on your device again. WOW .. you are done .. you device must be running on Android 2.1 by now.


If you see the newer screen you will notice that icons and layout has bee changed  and a swipe button is also available after power on. I have also noticed little performance improvement and slight better touch sensitivity with new update.

apad-m003-firmware-upgrade (2)

In my next R&D I’ll try updating m009 device firmware which is probably Android version 2.2. Someone has posted that it is working fine except wifi issue.


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