Show My Computer Icon On Windows 8 Desktop – How to

The very first thing I need on my Window desktop is my computer icon. After installing Windows 8 I couldn't fine one and because of missing start button which I used to show My Computer icon on right click of computer menu item, the other option was also not available. After looking here and there I manage to came out with two options as described below :

Windows 8-my computer icon

On Window 8 you can do the following to show My Computer icon

  1. Jump to desktop mode
  2. Press Win Key + R to show run command and paste below command
  3. "C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe" shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,Web,0 in
  4. this will display Desktop icon Setting dialog from where you can enable icons of your choice

windows 8 run command

Another way to show Desktop icon Setting is

  1. Right Click on desktop and select personalize.
  2. From here select change desktop icon. This will display icons setting dialog.
  3. Select icons of your choice and click apply button.

My computer icon can also be placed at Home Screen of Tiles which show up at the start-up screen. To do this just right click on the My Computer icon at the desktop and select Pin to start.

windows 8 my computer icon on desktop


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