Disable Bluetooth in Windows 7 - How To

There can be many reasons to turn off Bluetooth Radio in your laptop or PC. As a rule of thumb if you are not using it simply disable it. Disabling a Bluetooth Radio will certainly give some performance gain and enhance its security too.

To disable Bluetooth follow below steps:

  • Go to Start menu -> Control Panel
  • Click on Device Manager to bring up Device Manager Dialog Box
  • Under devices tree you will find the name of Bluetooth Device ( in my case it is Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module)
  • Right click on the device and click the disable option from the popup menu
  • It will show a message saying "Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning.". Click on Yes button to complete the step.
disable-laptop-bluetooth - Windows 7
After disabling the device you will find that disabled device is marked with a down arrow ( as mentioned in figure )
To re-enable the device you can follow the same steps, right click on the device and click on the enable menu item from the popup menu to enable it again.

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