Disable Bluetooth In Windows 10 - How To?

In case you don’t  use Bluetooth on your laptops or desktops it is better to disable it for some performance gain. Anything running unused is definitely eating up system recourses whether it is RAM or processing power. Here are very simple steps by which you can disable Windows 10 Bluetooth Radio.

Steps to disable Bluetooth on Windows 10

  • Click on start button and type “Device Manager”. This will bring up device manager window.
  • You should easily  be able locate Bluetooth device as mention in picture below.
  • Click to “Bluetooth” node
  • Right click on the Device to bring submenu
  • Click disable menu item. A dialog will be displayed saying “Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. Do you really want to disable it?”. Select Yes button and device  will be disabled.
  • You can re-enable it by again going to same submenu

diable bluetooth on windows-10

After disabling Bluetooth you should be able to see its status something like below ( device name may vary based on your laptop or desktop manufacturer).

enable bluetooth windows 10


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