Windows 7 Telnet - How to enable or install ?

It was a big surprise when I switched to Windows 7 form Win XP and was not able to find one of  useful utility “Telnet”. After searching on Internet I came to know it is still there but by default disabled from active command.

To enable Telnet on Windows 7 or Vista you can follow below steps :

  • Go to control panel and then  programs
  • Click on the item “Turn Windows Feature on or off”
  • This will show a small dialog box where you can add or remove specific components form Windows 7
  • Just check on the item with label “Telnet” and press ok to install “Telnet” client.


Programs Section from Control Panel



Windows feature dialog

After the installation completes you can test the Telnet command by going into start menu –> run –> type telnet and press enter. This will show a command line interface for Telnet client.


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