Cool Fonts - Instagram Fonts - Fancy Text Generator App

How to write fancy text decorated with variety of formatting which will work across all platforms?

If you are looking for some way to post Cool Fonts on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or any other social media, you can use Fancy Font Generator app. It comes with lots of features to make your Instagram stories and posts more interesting. You have to write the text, change the font, and then copy the post to the social network. Cool Fonts styles are based on special Unicode characters. This means that subscribers will be able to see the changed decorated text regardless of the platform used (Windows, iOS, Web or any other). The app is distributed free of charge.

Some of the interesting Features of Cool Fonts App or Copy Paste Fonts App are :

  • Compose nicely Formatted Copy & Paste text for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp,
  • Twitter or any other social media app
  • Generated text is compatible for all websites or mobile app's
  • You can also generate Decorated text from a vareity 100+ preformatted Templates.
  • Generate decorated numbers
  • Generate repeating text decorated with Cool Looking Symbols and Emoji's
  • Generate Nicknames for Gaming websites and Mobile apps
  • Name generator for free fire or pubg
  • No Extra permissions required
  • No registration required
  • 100% Safe and Free
This decorative font market app can be downloaded from Google Play Store :


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