Image to Text Converter App for Android

If you are looking for an app to convert snaps taken from a book or you want to convert any printed material to Text, you can simply use Image to Text Converter App for Android Mobiles.


Simplest Image to Text Converter App ( OCR ) allows you to extract and share textual content from any images / documents having english text written over it. It can be any phone numbers, urls, book content or anything. If you already have an images from which you want to extract text simply choose the Image and start the OCR process. Extracted text will be displayed in a seperate widow where you make corrections. You can also use camera of your mobile phone to take the picture and scan the text from it.

From OCR Scan Results you can :

  • Send the scanned content by email
  • Share it with any app includine instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp
  • Copy text to the Clipboard so that it can be pasted to any other app
  • Extracted text can also be shared with Google Translate app ( if installed )for translation

Features of Image to Text Converter :

  • Extract any English text from Images or documents
  • You can also use phone camera to scan Text from Anything
  • Translate exracted using Google Transate
  • Take Screenshot and Copy Text from mobile Screen
  • Crop and fine-tune images before text extraction
  • Edit & Share OCR result with Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Keep and any other app whcih allows text content sharing.
  • Safe and secure - no login or registration required

Download Image to Text Extractor

This OCR app is free of cost and is available for download at Google Play Store.


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