Unicode Character Map for Windows

You can browse through all possible Unicode characters which are around 137,000 characters using a free software called BabelMap. It is a free character map application for Windows that allows you to , or search for a particular character by name. It allows characters to be copied to the clipboard for use in any Unicode-aware application similar to windows character map application. Most recent version of the Unicode Standard, currently Unicode 10.0 (released June 2017) is supported by BabelMap.

Features of Unicode Character Map

Some of the key features of Character Map are following which are definitely going to ve useful for you.

  • Browse through the entire Unicode code space block by block.
  • Display all characters using a single font, or define a composite font with different fonts used to display Unicode blocks.
  • Search for any Unicode character by character name; or go to a specified code point.
  • Paste any unknown Unicode character into the edit buffer and hit F2 to locate the character.
  • Edit buffer supports drag-and drop editing and the user-defined composite font.
  • Color code characters in the character grid by Unicode properties or version or script.
  • Advanced character search utility which allows you to find all Unicode characters that match specified criteria.
  • Character lookup tools for finding Han (CJKV) characters by radical/stroke or by Mandarin or Cantonese readings.
  • Character lookup tool for finding Yi (Nuosu) characters by radical/stroke.
  • Character lookup tool for finding Tangut characters by reference code.
  • Various tools providing detailed information about Unicode versions, scripts, planes, blocks.
  • Emoji data tool that lists data about all Unicode-defined emoji, and select single or composite emoji.
  • Show all Unicode properties for the selected character.
  • Show additional non-Unicode data for Han (CJKV), Tangut and Egyptian Hieroglyph characters.
  • Show summary information for all fonts installed on your system.
  • Show detailed information about any font on your system, including coverage of Unicode characters.
  • Export glyphs for any font to file as images.

Unicode Character Map is a free software and in available for download from official website : Download Unicode Character Map


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