Unlink SMS from Google Hangout - How to ?

After a recent Google Hangout  update you will be shown a message to integrate “SMS” messages with hangout saying :

“Hangout now lets you text message (SMS).
Turn on SMS and see all your conversation in one place.”

google hangout

This sounds to be a brilliant idea as we believe in Google products and their quality. Though idea of integrating SMS is good but it doesn’t work well. It is not as smooth as the built in SMS application.

How to disable SMS integration ?

In case you have integrated SMS with hangout and now want to revert back just follow the below steps.

  • Launch Hangouts APP
  • Goto settings menu item. To do that make sure you are at Google Hangout home screen. Press the menu button ( this may vary depending upon your phone model.
  • Now, under General section tap to SMS. This will take you to another screen
  • Uncheck the checkmark where Turn on SMS is written.

Above steps can be checked in image below :

google hangout sms

In case you want to re-enable the integration. Just follow the same steps above and Check Turn on SMS.


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