Windows 8.1 boot directly to desktop - How to ?

So, you have just upgraded to windows 8.1 from Windows hoping to get rid of tile and directly jumping to the main desktop screen. No doubt this was one of the most awaited features windows admirers were looking for.

Configure directly booting to desktop in Windows 8.1

To do this follow below steps :

  • Go to taskbar and right click on it.
  • Select properties and go to Navigation tab
  • Now check the item with text “When I sign in or close all applications on a screen, go to the desktop Instead of start.
  • One more item could make your life easier which is “show apps view automatically when I go to start”.
  • Now press Apply of Ok button to make the changes permanent.

windows 8.1 go to desktop

I still want Microsoft to return original start menu button similar to Windows 7 to back rather experimenting with new user navigation options. Even in the current update you need to go to an extra step and screen to access applications and extra step to return back.


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