Transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android Mobile Phone

Here is an easy way by which you can transfer your Nokia mobile contacts to any of the Android mobiles whether it is from Samsung or HTC any else. This method should work for All Nokia phones with including Nokia 5800 expressmusic, Nokia E71, E72, E52 and later models. I have tried this successfully between Nokia 5800 Expressmusic and Samsung Galaxy Y s5360. You can follow 3 steps to transfer your contacts.

Step 1

Synch your contacts with If you have not done synch yet this can be done by going to settings –> Connectivity –> Data Transfer

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If you are having trouble while synching you can find more details from support page here.

Step 2

After synch is complete you can download your data in csv format from . Just log into ovi contacts website with the accounts you have used to synch the data.


After login, you will be presented a download data link. Just click the link and download the file. In my case the file downloaded was

Step 3

Now you have you contacts available in csv format. You just need to extract the csv file using any zip utility for example winzip or winrar or any other you prefer to use.  BTW I prefer to use powerarchiver.

Now log into Google Contacts using below url and import you the csv file using import menu item mentioned in the image.


After you are done with csv import you are ready to synch your Google contacts on your android phone. If you have enabled automatic data synch then there is no need to do anything. Your phone while automatically import the contacts from Google address book. If you are in manual mode you can synch contacts by going to Settings –> Account & Synch->Your Gmail account.


Synch option may vary on different versions of Android handsets.


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