Batch File DateTime Changer for Windows 7, XP or Vista

Here is a small utility developed by me which you can use to change file date time attributes in an easy way. This small utility allows you to select multiple files from different folder. You can pick the files one by one of can simply drag and drop to the application to automatically add to the list. You can change File Creation, Access and Modification Date time by using calendars at the bottom of the screen. After selecting the dates you just need to press Apply button to modify all listed files date time in a go.


Features of Batch File DateTime Editor

  • Comes as standalone executable, no need to install the application. just copy and run.
  • Allow batch processing.
  • Gives feature of drag and drop to select files in an easy way.
  • Can modify creation, modification and access date time.
  • Freeware.

Download – Batch File DateTime Attribute Editor


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