Samsung Galaxy Note gets ICS Android 4.0 update in India

Finally Samsung has rolled out ICS OTA updates in India for Galaxy Note users. I was able to update my mobile successfully without any glitches. Total download size was 319.21 MB which took around half an hour on Wifi. As mentioned in the update message, following features were updated in ICS:

  • Android 4.0 with touchwiz
  • New S Note App ( advanced note taking application, productivity tools)
  • New S Memo widgets.



I noticed few changes after doing quick inspection of the updated mobile.

  • Improvement in UI Responsiveness
  • Better file management facilities in file browser.
  • Feature to monitor data usage.
  • Power saving option and Bluetooth On/Off feature in notification area.
  • WiFi icon shows the status of internet usage.

Galaxy Note ICS – Video from Youtube


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