How to Remove Password from PDF Document

There are several freeware available which can be used to remove password set in a PDF document. The trick I am going to describe here uses Google Chrome to re-create the unprotected PDF document. As I have mentioned in my one of earlier posts that newer versions of Google chrome is capable of converting HTML to PDF. One thing is important that you must know the password to open the PDF.


To remove the password follow below steps :

  • Open the PDF file in Google chrome. You can simply drag and drop the file inside chrome to open it.
  • If your PDF document is password protected it will ask for the password to open it.
  • Enter the correct password and open the document.
  • Now go to print. This can be selected from shortcut menu or from top toolbar button.
  • Inside the Print window select "Destination" as "Save as PDF" and click Save button.
  • You will be asked to save the file, save it to any location you want.
  • Saved file will be password free.


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