Extract PDF Data into Excel Accurately and Selectively

It’s been noted that document conversion from PDF into Excel can heavily disappoint, especially when dealing with spreadsheets overflowing with various data. After trying to convert PDF into Excel, people report all sorts of formatting issues, such as extracting all data from a PDF into a single Excel cell, inaccurate conversion of wrapped text cells, unwanted merged cells that make it very difficult to use aggregate functions, etc.

In order to avoid that, data analysts, accountants and other Microsoft Excel users should find a reliable PDF to Excel conversion solution that will save their valuable time and allow them to easily manipulate data locked in PDF.

Following on that, Excel users may want to try out Able2Extract Professional 9, which is developed precisely with PDF and Microsoft Excel users in mind. It enables users to customize and view their PDF tabular data prior to extracting it into MS Excel spreadsheet format. Additional benefit of using Able2Extract Pro is that it uses OCR technology, thus allowing users to extract information from paper and scanned PDFs well.

There are two ways to use Able2Extract’s PDF to Excel conversion option: automatic and custom. Automatic conversion enables users to let the PDF converter do its work based on the standard settings and needs. There are no requirements from users except to follow the straightforward 1-2-3 step conversion process.

However, the real power of the tool’s PDF to Excel conversion option lies in its capability to convert only selected parts of PDF tables pinpointed by the software's user. This way Excel users can choose exact data they need to process and prepare for reporting with less editing and personal work. Although this selective PDF conversion sounds like it requires advanced user skills, it’s actually very simple - like selecting any other electronic content. Here’s a brief guide to demonstrate how easy it is to instantly extract PDF to Excel accurately and also to actually extract only columns, rows or other parts of PDF that you need:

- Open PDF in Able2Extract:


- Use the Select “Area” option to choose an area for conversion. If converting the whole document, choose “All”.


- Click on “Excel”.


- If you need a fast conversion and don’t have special demands regarding your output file, go ahead and do the automatic conversion.

- If the document contains a lot of data and you want to make sure you get precise results and proper formatting in Excel, click on “Custom”.


- The following box with options will appear:


These options will allow you to tweak your column and row structure, eliminate headers and footers, preview your output file, etc.

If you want to see whether Able2Extract Pro meets your requirements for PDF to Excel conversion, you can download the free trial version here.


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