Reduce Memory Usage In Google Chrome - How to ?

Being a heavy Internet user I use Google chrome a lot but when number of tabs starts growing it starts slowing down system. A slow system definitely impacts your productivity. If your job is of similar nature and you spend lots of time surfing Internet here are few tips which can help you to control Google Chrome.


Step 1 –  Check memory usage and their source

Most of the memory is eaten either by a opened tab or by Installed chrome add-ins.  Type “chrome://memory-redirect/” in address bar and you will be able to see the summary of memory usage by various plugins or opened websites. As a rule if you are not using any plugin and it is installed into browser you should either remove it of disable it if is used time to time or once in a while.


To disable chrome plugin go to menu –> tools –> Extensions

Here you will find all the chrome plugins installed. Just remove of disable plugins which as per your usage or the amount of the memory consumption you have seen in previous memory usage page.

Step 2 – Flush memory by using plugin (OneTab)


As such there is no such built in facility to flush memory in Google Chrome but this can be achieved by using one excellent plugin named OneTab. As claimed by plugin writers it can save up to 95% of memory usage and removes the clutter as well. What this plugin does is it simply closes all the opened tabs and displays one single tab where you can find links to all opened pages in Google Chrome. To re-open previously opened tab just click on the link and it will be displayed back in a new tab. Whenever you find that number of tabs have become unmanageable just click on the plugin icon.  The number of time you click OneTab icon it will display one tab page and will also group the links so that you can easily be able to find them.

Download OneTab – plugin to reduce Google Chrome Memory Usage


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