Restore Deleted Thumbnail From Google Chrome New Tab

Accidently I deleted one of my most frequently used thumbnail “Google” and for two day’s I couldn't not find any solution until I Googled on web.  A very tricky solution to restore deleted thumbnail bookmark or the most visited bookmark from new tab.

You just need to delete another thumbnail by clicking at the right top cross icon. Similar to below picture you will see an option to “Restore all” thumbnails at the top left of the scree. Just click the restore link and arrange your thumbnail as you want.


Looking back few years in Google Insight gives nice preview of the history, how  Google managed to reach among top 3 position. In earlier days we use to have one or two release of Internet Explorer in a year or two. But, now trend has changed. You now keep on getting updates automatically and don’t realize what exactly has changes ( until you are too techie and keep an eye on the chrome development).


The point here is small things does matter and a smooth end user experience matters a lot to win. Although it not very critical but having an option to manage your bookmarks will definitely help a lot.


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