Google Instant Upload Might Be Secretly Uploading Your Images At Google Plus Social Networking

I was surprised to see one of my online payment receipt snap at Google+. After exploring I found more snaps which were not intended to be shared with public. It took a while to me to understand that the culprit is Google Plus, which is automatically synching the videos and images taken from your Android phone to Social web.

Why this happened? the answer is – By default Google Plus Android application is set to upload photos and videos online. This feature is known as “Google Instant Upload “. This is really bad part from Google Engineers who probably didn’t apply the common sense that all snaps and videos are not always intended for public  or social networks. This option should have been set with Auto Synch as disabled.

So… how to get rid of this thing? To disable Google Instant Upload follow below steps :

  • Go to Google Plus Android App
  • Select Settings From the Program Menu
  • Uncheck the “Enable Instant Upload” option


Uploaded photos can be deleted from you Google Plus profile from “Photos from your phone” section.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing, I realized the same. And I too discovered the option in Google+ settings. After having unticked it, i figured the problem was solved. Lo and behold, a few pictures later the Google+ application informs me that my latest pictures have been automatically update. I looked at the option to see if it had some how been re-enabled -but no, it was still unchecked. All things considered, this is a little scary, when you consider that google privacy settings pretty much claims absolute and irrevocable ownership of your photos once Google gains access to them.

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