Get a PC like keyboard for your Android mobile

Day by day processing power in mobiles are getting better and better, you are getting better speed, better RAM and graphics. One thing which always bugs me is the typing. You still have to use single hand typing which no doubt is very tedious if you have planned to write a blog post or anything else which requires some lengthy typing work.


While browsing through open source projects developed for Android platform I suddenly came through “Hackers Keyboard” application. I  am writing  this post using the same app and find it amazing. This has really doubled the typing speed. I don't think I need to find any better keyboard for my Samsung Galaxy Note.


So, in brief, following can be of your interest :

  • A pc like keyboard with full 5 rows in the same screen.
  • Arrow keys when you need to correct the mistakes.
  • All function keys
  • Ctrl Alt Tab and Escape keys (not sure how these will ne used on mobile)
  • You can press two keys at the same time. Definitely need to have  multi-touch support on your mobile to use this feature.
  • Can easily be used for SSH access
  • Available in more than 20 languages

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