Support For MS Office In Samsung Galaxy Note - A Quick Preview

No doubt Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the best mobile device available today. Since here and there we need to deal with Office documents, it would be definitely  nice if there is built in support to create edit the same.

Lets see what MS-Office compatible tools are available in Galaxy Note.

Galaxy Note comes with pre installed Polaris Office software which is capable of creating and editing  MS-Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It supports document version from Office 97  to 2007.  I tried loading and manipulating some of the documents after downloading using Google search. Results were pretty amazing. Here is some the screen-shots.


So far it seems to be good enough when you are travelling and  are in immediate need to create or view office  documents. Best thing is the the large screen size of Galaxy Note which gives you enough space on the go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks I have ben looking everyehwer for just this info!!

can you open a few windows and copy/past say from two word docs into a ppt?
this would be amazing for productivity on the go.

AK said...

Yes, this is possible as there is full support of clipboard data transfer.

Anonymous said...

Does it also support Office 2010 and Outlook ?

Anonymous said...

Can you have multiple spread sheets open at the same time? Can you use drop Downs?

Danielle said...

Since our industry works with a lot of white papers and spreadsheets, this mobile app will only boost our crm for small business through these productivity apps. This is productivity on the go.

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