My Laptop Keyboard types wrong letters what should I do?

Got struck! is your laptop typing wrong letters ? The possible reason could be that NumLock key state is turned on. Usually laptops do have a special key “Fn” which can be used in combination to of “NumLock” to turn this feature on or off.

If you do not find a “Fn” key try combinations of “Alt + Num” or “Ctl+Alt+ Num” key.

If even after doing this you are not able to find the solution. Try this trick go to Accesories –> Accesibility  and click On–Screen Keyboard. This will show a small onscreen keyboard utility which comes with windows.

laptop key struck 


Simply click highlighted  “nlk” or “NumLock” key depending upon your OS  ( Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7)  to turn “NumLock” off.


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