Symbian S60 5th Edition Software to show device information

Quick (phone) Info is a simple utility for listing all information about your phone. Quick Info can run on all Nokia phones supporting S60 5th Edition Software :

Quick Info displays following information:

  • Network name
  • Network Signal Strength
  • Network State
  • Cell ID
  • Cell LAC (Location Area Code)
  • Battery Charge Level
  • RAM
  • Disk-Space
  • Phone Model
  • Phone Manufacturer
  • Phone Product Type
  • Firmware Version
  • Platform Version
  • IMEI
  • Phone Machine ID
  • Display Resolution
  • Brightness
  • Light Timeout
  • Screen Saver Timeout
  • Auto Lock Status
  • Auto Lock Time
  • Key Guard Time
  • WLan Mac Address
  • BlueTooth Status
  • Infrared Status
  • List of All Active Connections
  • List of all Phone Features (Camera, FM Radio, etc.)
  • List Of all Installed Applications

Download QuickInfo - Free Nokia 5800 and Symbian Series 60 5th Edition Utility


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