Online Color Blindness Test

Color blindness is a condition in which people have mild to severe difficulty identifying colors. Color blind people may not be able to recognize various shades of colors and, in some cases, cannot recognize colors at all.

color blindness online testMost cases of color blindness are inherited, with males being affected far more often than females. Color blindness can also be acquired in other ways like Chronic (long-term) illnesses, diabetes, leukemia (see leukemia entry), liver disease, chronic alcoholism (see alcoholism entry), multiple sclerosis (see multiple sclerosis entry), and retinitis pigmentosa, a disease of the retina.

You can take the online test to check the whether you are safe or not.

Color vision test test1 test2

**There is no cure or treatment for color blindness. Most people with the disorder learn to live with the problem and learn how to adjust to it.


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