Professional and free video editor - DaVinci Resolve

If you follow different youtubers closely, you will notice that during the editing of their videos, most of them turn to Adobe's tools . The problem is that with an average cost of 25 euros per month, the subscription model is not particularly friendly for some users. This is when DaVinci Resolve comes in , an editor who has nothing to envy to his direct competitors, and who also has a reduced version at zero cost. That's right: A professional and free video editor.

Editing video is a much more complex task than it seems. If you listen to the stories of some youtubers , you will discover that sometimes they spend whole days trimming, moving and adjusting their content. Such a level of demand demands that the editor be robust, dynamic, and relatively intuitive. One of the great advantages that Adobe software has in its favor is the enormous amount of tutorials, guides and suggestions on the Web. Several channels on YouTube promise to show you Premiere Pro in 30 minutes or less, and then find online class services such as Skillshare. Now, the question is: What are the alternatives? And when we talk about alternatives, as much as possible we look for one that is free . The answer is DaVinci Resolve .

Donload free video editor : DaVinci Resolve 15


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