Reduce size of heavy images up to 80% online with free online tool

JPEGmini is a web service that provides a service of compressing images with very good results and is really simple. JPEGmini will reduce the weight of your images up to 80% and when compared visually you will find no difference with the original one.

JPEGmini works very easily and the compression is done automatically, the tool is efficient, fast and with impressive compression results. Recent mobile devices or cameras are coming to market with a very good quality, everyday cameras come with more megs pixel and really this is very good for users because we have a high quality picture in our camera or mobile phone even very small devices. Although lens level there is still a huge gap with professional cameras "SLR".


This point brings us into a high quality image but very heavy and very difficult for us to share with our contacts, via social networks, via email, via LINE, whatsapp, etc.. But now there is JPEGmini to offer image compression up to 80% and the loss of quality is almost imperceptible to our eyes.

JPEGmini works in a very simple way, just upload the image to the site JPEGmini and the tool will automatically reduce the image size to the maximum values ​​without noticing quality loss. First click on "Try It Now" and upload a photo from your computer or device, always remember that the tool only accepts these formats, JPEG, jpg, JPG, jpeg.


Now let JPEGmini do its job automatically. Then the tool will show the results of the original image and the processed by JPEGmini , so you can do a quick check and show you the details above the current size and level of compression achieved.


And now you can download the image to your computer or mobile device or upload to Facebook.


Also JPEGmin offers other services if you create an account on their website, you can link your account to Facebook or Gmail JPEGmin. The benefits that the tool offers are, the option to upload entire albums, share on Picasa and Flickr. Reduce batch create albums photos directly to your Facebook and easily and all totally free and unlimited.

You do not need more download an application to your device to reduce the quality of the images, now you can do with JPEGmini from your browser and automatically and within seconds.

JPEGmini is a web application, for free. Visit JPEGmini website.


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