Panorama Viewer Software for Windows 7 and XP

WPanorama is a free software specially developed to view panoramic photos on your windows machine. It allows you to view panoramic images in an easy way, you can scroll horizontally or vertically on the screen. This software also comes with gorgeous 360° swiss panorama. There are many configuration settings which can be checked at the WPanorama website.


Features of WPanorama :
  - 360° continuous scrolling
  - Back and forth scrolling for non 360° pictures
  - Automatic detection of 360° panoramas
  - Horizontal and vertical scrolling
  - Multi-monitor systems support (the scrolling panoramas can span over
    several monitors)
  - Mini slide show (one sample of it included in the package)
    It is possible to display in full screen mode slide shows which aspect ratio
    is different from the one of the display
  - Mirror function for special interesting effects
  - Miscellaneous stretch filters
  - Variable scroll increment and speed
  - Extensive help with a "Question and answers" section
  - Direct access from the programs to the update on the Web

Download  WPanorama -  Panorama Viewer Software for Windows


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