Still there are lots of things where Google can improve

If we look back past 10 years in Search Engines History, there is a lot to say the way Google has changed our lives. For almost every information we rely on Google search results.  I can’t say much about the other industries, but software developers are very much dependent on Google now a days.

Many times, while doing my regular activities on which most of them are related to either software development and finding competitive prices I have noticed that Google search results shows very stale information. For ex. a search on for term “nokia phone ranging 1000” displays information which is too much irrelevant for today. Why would I be interested on price list which was discussed around 5 years ago.


I do agree that doing an advance search in Google by applying date range filters can result latest information, but don’t think a common man ever uses advanced search features. Similar kind of incidents I do see while looking for references for software libraries and documentations. You will find lots of old information which has become stale and should not be given preference than the latest version of documentation.

I don’t see Google as an exception. No software can be said to be 100% bug free and without any scope for improvement. So … is the case with Google search engine. 


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