Large Log File Viewer Utility for Windows 7, Vista and XP

SnakeTail is an open source utility for windows which can be used to monitor growing log files with and ease. Apart from monitoring log files you can also monitor Windows Event Logs (Without needing administrator rights) and even can search like a normal text file. SnakeTail also comes with facility find text with regular expression and higlight them. It also includes keyboard based navigation so that you can easily scan files here and there.


Features of Snake Tail

  • Monitor “large” text log files
  • Monitor Windows Event Logs (Without needing administrator rights)
  • Multiple Window Modes supported (MDI, Tabbed, Floating)
  • Save and load entire window session. Can load session file at startup when given as command line parameter.
  • Sentence highlight with colors based on keyword match (Includes regex support)
  • Quickly jump between highlighted sentences using keyboard shortcuts
  • Tails circular logs where the log file is periodically truncated/renamed.
  • Tails log directory where the latest log file is displayed (Includes regex support)
  • Search in the entire text log file
  • Tail new log files with a simple drag drop from Windows Explorer
  • Filtering of Windows Event Logs using regular expressions
  • Display simple process statistics in window title bar (RAM + CPU usage + TRX/Sec)
  • Stop and start Windows service by right clicking in the tail window
  • Change tail window background color
  • Change tail window text color
  • Change tail window icon

Download Snake tail – Utility to monitor log files on Windows


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