UbiSlate 7 vs Aakash - Should I wait for upgraded version of Aakash?

The next version of so called cheapest tablet is ready for Indian market. It is coming with a new name “UbiSlate 7” which will cost $57 ( Around $10 costlier than Akash). The new version of Datawind tablet will have some better specs.


As per ubislate website :

The device includes WiFi connectivity and support for optional 3G modems. Two full-sized USB ports are integrated into the unit allowing pen-drives, external keyboards, web-cams, dongles and other inexpensive peripherals to be attached. “Pen drives are a common medium for storing and sharing content in India. They are even used by people that are not computer savvy, for access to music and videos. A full sized USB ports allowing regular pen-drives to be plugged-in is also available as an added advantage over other Tablets.

It seems that Ubislate 7 is far better comparing with Akash. One should wait for Ubislate 7 rather buying Akash in hurry. One can preorder Ubislate7

Ubislate 7 Akash
OS Android 2.3 Gingerbread Android 2.2 Froyo
CPU Cortex A8 – 700 MHz CPU Arm11 – 366MHz
Screen 7″ resistive 7″ resistive
Battery 3200 mAh battery ( around 3 hours) 2100 mAh
Connectivity WiFi & GPRS (SIM & Phone functionality) Only Wi-Fi
Video HD video playback  
RAM 256 MB 256 MB
Storage 2GB Internal Storage expandable up to 32GB using MicroSD. 2GB Internal Storage expandable up to 32GB using MicroSD.
USB 2 USB 2.0 ports  


from Datawind website which will be delivered in March.

Datawind Ubislate website http://www.ubislate.com/


Anonymous said...

Should we wait for another upgrade to the Ubislate7. Is there a possibility of another upgrade in a few months?
Also is there an inbuilt speaker in ubislate7?

AK said...

Ubislate7 configuration is very similar to Chinese version of iPad. It can be useful doing internet surfing, chatting, emails etc but can't be relied for serious work. And battery power is still not very good, will drain very soon.

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