- completed 4 years - got a logo as well

Oh! missed to celebrate it again. Belated Happy Birthday! has completed 4 years on 1st December 2011.

This all started as a fun, but gradually I realized it could be a nice place to put your day to day experiences.  2011 is nearing to its end and when I see the total postings this year .. really bad stats .. Just 43 .. worst ever. But no worries, this can be corrected by just doing a better time management and planning.

I am very hopeful to take it to a new direction in 2012 with more visitors and bunch of new topics.


One small thing ( techhub logo)  which was pending from a long time, finally I was able to complete it and the same was applied to the blog. May be I’ll do some tweaking's going forward but for the time being it looks ok to me.


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