Expense Tracker for Windows Mobile

MoneyHarp is a personal money tracker for Windows Mobile designed to be friendly and flexible. It is specially designed for touch screen phones. This software can run on any windows mobile phones with OS 5/6/6.5 with .Net compact framework 1.1 or higher.


Features of MoneyHarp :

  • Everything is finger-friendly!
  • Quick start - and you can see your current position or add new record right away.
  • Adding new record is clear and straightforward: several taps with your finger and you're done. You can add new tags in-place; and keyboard is finger-friendly too.
  • Organize and add/edit/delete any expense, income or payee, and add any number of your custom tags to the record. No limits.
  • Reports that clearly show your where the money goes: from the overview you can drill down to transaction. No hassle.
  • Filter by anything. As you can run reports on filtered data, this gives you unlimited flexibility and power to find out all hidden secrets of your own expenses.
  • Budgets get hold of any kind of spendings (or savings) you want to control.

Download MoneyHarp – Personal Expense Tracker for Windows Mobile


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