Watch iPlayer, Hulu, Five On Demand, MSN Video and SBS on Windows mobile with free software

myPlayer is an freeware application for Windows Mobile which provides easy and one place access to a wide range of streaming videos including: BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Five On Demand, MSN Video and SBS.


Features of mPlayer :

  • Full BBC iPlayer integration - browse the TV and Radio content as you would from any other platform (with search feature)
  • BBC iPlayer episodes can be downloaded for offline viewing
  • Hulu - popular episodes including Family Guy and The Simpsons*
  • MSN Video - a further selection of programmes from the UK*
  • Selected content from Four On Demand and Five On Demand*
  • SBS - the Australian Special Broadcasting Service**
  • Live TV channels (BBC1, BBC2, Sky News, etc.)

Download mPlayer


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