Windows mobile registry editor

CeRegEditor is a freeware registry editor for Windows Mobile including WM5 and WM6, Windows CE, and Pocket PC 2003 mobile devices. It is a desktop based registry editor which connects to the mobile device to from your laptop/PC to manage its registry.


Features of CeRegEditor:

  • Navigate and edit (or create) registry keys/values.
  • Fast search.
  • Export or import keys in REG format.
  • Management of favourites keys in registry.
  • “Image” of registry with compare and restore service.
  • Offline mode – create, edit files as regular device registry.
  • Support for HV files edition.
  • Has Unlock Registry embedded tool as a workaround to unlock and disable the blockage on writing to registry which causing Access Denied error when trying to edit keys or values in registry.

Download  CeRegEditor – Windows Mobile Registry Editor


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