Twitter on Facebook – How to

Since these two Social networking tools are widely used across the world you might be using Twitter as well as Facebook to get in touch of your friends colleagues or for any other purposes.

Many times you might not be willing to log in and update your status messages by logging into two different applications. Good thing is this that you can use Twitter from within the environment of Facebook.  A Twitter application developed by is available in Facebook. Using Twitter application you will be able to use most of the Twitter features from the Facebook account.

Here are the steps to use Twitter on Facebook :

Step 1 : Find the twitter Application

Search for “Twitter” using the search box. Application with largest user base is the one which Twitter has developed, I would recommend go for it. Click on the “Twitter” link to go to the next step.


Step 2 : Subscribe to Twitter Application

Click Go To Application button to jump to the next step


Step 3 : Allow Access to Twitter Application

In this step the you need to grant Twitter to give access to your Facebook account so click “Allow” button to provide access.


Step 4 : Log in to Twitter for Authentication

In this step you will be prompted to enter your Twitter account information. This will authenticate you Twitter account. Just enter the Twitter Account details to to move to the last step.


Step 5 : Ready to Tweet

After successful login you will be presented with below screen. Your twitter account setup is complete now. You can now start tweeting. If you also want your tweets should also update the Facebook  status messages, just lick the button “Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status” and allow the access when asked.



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