POP3,IMAP email client software for Blackberry

LogicMail is a BlackBerry email client supporting IMAP, POP and SMTP. Its goal is to provide an alternative to the service-oriented "push" email system that the device normally provides, so you can also use your conventional email services. The inspiration for this project came from the now defunct Mail4ME project, as well as some of the initial protocol code.

POP3,IMAP email client software for Blackberry
The big focus in this client is on usable IMAP support, which seems to be an afterthought in some other clients. Why IMAP first? Because the IMAP protocol allows a lot of optimization for constrained latency and bandwidth that POP does not provide. As such, the IMAP implementation will always feel much faster than the POP one.

Features of LogicMail:

  • Global settings
  • SSL
  • Multiple accounts
  • Status popups
  • Talking to an IMAP and POP mail servers
  • Folder tree retrieval (IMAP)
  • Folder tree cache (IMAP)
  • Mailbox listing (message flags shown on IMAP servers)

Download LogicMail – POP3, IMAP Client for BlackBerry


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