Free desktop calculator software

CCCalc is a free desktop calculator that supports four basic arithmetic operations and allows you to input calculations from your keyboard. In a way it works similarly you work with notepad. All entered data is calculated instantaneously.

Features of CCCalc:

  • easy to use like a paper and pencil
  • features same operations as a good desktop check-n-correct calculator
  • provides unlimited precision and arbitrary rounding off
  • performs four basic arithmetic operations, percent allowed
  • allows to browse through calculations history and correct anything at any moment
  • works with numbers without limitations on precision
  • rounds-up results to a given significant digit
  • supports Windows drag-and-drop and clipboard

If there is a desktop calculator on your workplace next to your computer then we worked especially for you. Or if you simply bored with standard Windows calculator then you may like CCCalc.

Download CCCalc – free mathematical software


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