Analyze the disk space usage with free software

RidNacs is a program to analyze the disk space usage of a computer. It searches the individual directories, local or network drives and sets the size of the lists are clearly in a tree, so that the user can quickly see which directories occupy the most space.

Analysis results can be in various formats (XML, HTML, CSV, text export file), so that they can be printed or compared with later analysis.

Besides the simple handling RidNacs is characterized by its high analysis speed and low memory consumption.


Features of RidNacs:

  • Clearer analysis of the results by file groups are zusammmengefasst where files up to a configurable size.
  • The "Clean-up workflow" is better supported by files directly into RidNacs can be opened and deleted.
  • File icons are loaded in background (multithreading), which can be quickly navigate within the directory tree.
  • The Explorer context menu is supported and allows others the invocation of additional programs.
  • The appearance of the bar graph can be in the form of "skins" adjust.

Download RidNacs - disk space usage viewer


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