Personal Accounting Software for Mac OS X

iCompta is an free personal accounting software for Mac with lots in built features to easily manage your financials.

Features of iCompta:

  • Each account can have its own currency and you can organize operations by type.
  • You can then sort and filter operations to make statistics on your incomes and expenses.
  • You can show a graph of the balance evolution of an account and even have a forecast for the next months.
  • iCompta also lets you validate operations which are on your bank reports and therefore check that you are up to date with your accounts.
  • You can also make funds transfers between accounts.
  • iCompta lets you deal with the common problem of who owes what to who when you buy things with people.
  • iCompta documents can be encrypted with a password.
  • iCompta is open and can import / export files in the following formats : CSV, QIF, OFX
  • Spotlight importer and QuickLook plugin

Download iCompta  -  Personal Accounting Software for Mac


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