Windows XP Explorer Replacement

UltraExplorer is a Windows Explorer replacement that will change the way you think about file management. Other Explorer replacement applications duplicate the same old paradigm introduced by Microsoft in Windows 95. A clumsy Treeview on the left showing folders and a listview on the right that supports various views of the files in a single folder coupled to a dropdown Combobox above.

Windows XP Explorer Replacement

Some of the features if UltraExplorer are:

  • Fully configurable user interface
    • All windows are reconfigurable with multiple docking options as well as the ability to float or be hidden
    • ToolWindows have Toolbars that maybe hidden or docked in any location.
    • User definable shortcut keys
    • User definable visual themes
  • Fully configurable layouts
    • Classic Treeview/Listview layout
    • Dual Listview layout
    • New ListMode layout
    • Any combination of the above can also be designed
  • Ultra fast display rendering and folder enumeration
  • Fully integrated Tabbing feature
    • Tabbing is context sensitive to which listview is currently active
    • "New Tab" initial location user definable
    • The Tabs are drag drop aware. You can drop files on the tab to place them in the folder.
  • "BreadCrumb" bar allow fast access to parent folders in the current path hierarchy
    • Dropdown menus allow direct access to other folders in the folder hierarchy or to the property sheet for the folder
  • Supports Total Commander Lister Plug-ins
  • An UltraExplorer exclusive. The components used the for file listings, unlike other Explorer replacements, are faster then Explorer itself. This means it is practical to have multiple lists of files visible at one time. This will quickly become a favorite view for many applications.

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